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New Release: Cock Unblocked

The Bone Lottery II: Cock UnblockedDamon’s recollections of the early days of the Lottery continues with the second night of the drawing. Isaac was desperate to get laid… but when the name he draws is Seamus’, it’s up to Joanna to hold both men to the rules of the game. 

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After a long moment holding that painful-looking pose, eyes scrunched shut, both their mouths firmly closed and pressed against each other, Isaac’s lips parted ever so slightly. Then closed again. He relaxed, settling against Seamus’ tense body, and soon he was gently working Seamus’ stiff lower lip between his own, darting his tongue out daringly. It had been a long, painful dry spell for Isaac, and – now that he’d started – his body was responding to the situation, pushing him into the kiss.

“Don’t make him do all the work,” Joanna commanded. “Open your mouth! Get your tongue in him!”

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BUNDLE! Chains of Lust 2-Pack

Chains of Lust 2-PackSexy librarian Samantha wants nothing more than to win back the affections of her fiancee Mark… until a chance discovery on a secret shelf in the library lands her with an insatiable desire for cock. Will she be able to resist the call of the Demon’s Chain, and make it home without jumping on every man in sight? This raunchy two-pack contains parts one and two of the Chains of Lust. 

Available now from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

His cock slid into her mouth like it had always belonged there, stretching her jaw wide as she struggled to fit it all in. Her throat worked as his cock head slipped back over her tongue, deeper and deeper, but she didn’t gag on it like she’d expected to, and soon he was pounding the whole thick monster into her mouth with enthusiasm.

Sam’s hand groped at him, grabbing his chest, feeling his biceps, kneading his ass muscles while they tensed and relaxed in time with his thrusting. Every part of him felt amazing. She wanted to touch every part of him at once.

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